Problem in Connect Message in H.2250 V3

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Wed Nov 17 21:19:40 EST 1999


This may be true for Q.931, but H.225.0 modifies the related tables found in
Q.931.  H.225.0 suggests in section 7.2.2 that the encoding shall follow
rules in Q.931, but H.225.0 specifies the ordering.

I see no problem with putting those fields at the end, especially
considering that inserting new IEs in the middle may be more difficult to

It might be interesting to see what assumptions people have made.  Do
implementation expect an ordering?  Would they expect new elements to be
ordered numerically or at the end?

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Subject: Problem in Connect Message in H.2250 V3

> Hi All
>  There is a problem in the additions made to Q.931 part of Connect
>  message in H.2250V3. Two new IEs have been added AFTER User-to-User IE.
>  The IE codes for the new IEs added are:
>  Connected Number    : 0x4c
>  Connected Subaddress: 0x4d
>  The IE code for User-to-User is 0x7e
>  According to Q.931 coding Rules [section: 4.5.1], the IEs in a message
>  should be in ascending order of their respective code values. These two
>  IEs should be added after Date/Time IE.
>  Comments ?
> aseem at

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