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Hi Everyone,

        REMINDER                REMINDER                REMINDER

Please see the following information for the tomorrow's conference call and
the contributions assigned to the Agenda Items, and also the list of
contributions to be discussed tomorrow:

Conference Call Bridge Information:
Date: November 17, 1999
Time: 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM (Pacific Standard Time (PST))

Conference Call Bridge Number: +1 (916)-356-9200
Reservation Number: 3-327470
Passcode: 5421571

Note: There are 20 ports available for the conference call, please use one
or two ports per company.

Procedure to join the conference call:
· Please call +1 (916)-356-9200 and
· wait for voice prompt to enter the first digit of reservation  number, and
enter  "3"as the first digit of reservation number,
· and then wait for the voice prompt to enter the passcode, and enter
5421571 as passcode, then you will be bridged to conference call.

1.      Call to Order & Opening Remarks
2.      Attendance Registration
3.      Introduction and Numbering of Contributions: MTD-14
4.      Agenda Review and Approval:- MTD-01a
4a.     Review H.323 Mobility Ad Hoc Meeting report: TD-65.doc
5.      Correspondence to other standards groups
6.      Old Business:- MTD-02a, MTD-04a
6a.     review: TD-16, TD-42b
6b.     H.323 Mobility Functional Entities (HLF, VLF, AuF, IWF: MTD-03a,
MTD-06,MTD-07, MTD-09
6c.     H.323 Mobility Architecture :- MTD-05a, MTD-08
7.      New Business
7a.     H.323 Interworking with PLMNs (H.246 Annex E scope, terms of
reference and work plan): MTD-13, MTD-10a
8.      Meeting Schedule:
8a.     Discuss next conference call meetings: MTD-11, MTD-12
9.      Review Assignments
10.     Review Workplan
11.     Open Discussion
12.     Adjourn

The following are the list of contributions for tomorrows conference call:

Title: H.323 Mobility Ad Hoc Group Interim meeting via Conference Call
Company: Intel

Title: H.323 Mobility Ad Hoc Group Activity Report
Company: AT&T

Title: H.323 Annex-H Draft and outline
Company: Motorola

Title: The Level 1 headings for H.323 Annex-H interworking with legacy
mobile networks and mobile terminals (from the IP network perspective).
Company: Motorola

Title: Informational only) Full migration from GPRS
to a Multimedia IP network (from the H.323 IP network
Company: Motorola

Title: H.323 Functional Architecture and Reference Points.
Company: Nokia

MTD-07: "Definition of terms for H.323 Annex H".
Company: Ericsson << Not uploaded to the reflector>>>

MTD-08: Integrating  3GPP's option-1 architecture into the H.323 wireless IP
mobility system and a full migration from GPRS to a Multimedia IP network
Company: Alcatel

Title: Clear Split of functions between multimedia Call Control and (radio)
Access networks.
Company: Alcatel

Title: IMT-2000 Global Roaming and Interworking Scenarios
(Reference only)
Company: Motorola

Title: H.323 Mobility Ad Hoc Group Interim meeting via Conference Call
Company: Nokia, Intel

Title: AT&T's proposal to host next H.323 Mobility Ad Hoc group conference
Company: AT&T

Title: H.246 Annex E Goal and Workplan
Company: Intel

Title: List of all H.323 Mobility contributions submitted at Red Bank, NJ,
USA and Nov 17, 1999 conference call
Company: AT&T, Intel

All of the documents have been copied into the following directory:
ll_11_17_1999 except Ericsson's contribution MTD-07, which is not submitted

Please reply, to this email, if you have any questions.


Paul K. Reddy
Intel Architecture Labs,
Intel Corporation,
2111 NE 25th Avenue,
Hillsboro, OR - 97124, USA,
Office Phone# +1 (503)-264-9896

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