H.323 Mobility: Quick comments on MTDs

Edgar Martinez [1] martinze at CIG.MOT.COM
Tue Nov 16 12:43:13 EST 1999

Please see comments:

Jaakko Sundquist wrote:

> Hi all,
> I have a couple of comments on some of the MTDs that I would like to make
> already before the telephone conference.
> First a small typo in MTD-02. In item 4, it should probably say H.246 Annex
> E instead of H.248 Annex E.
> Second, MTD-04. I would like to start this conversation already on the
> mailing list to save some time. I do not think that we should have separate
> chapters in the H.323 Annex H for the interworking issues. Instead, I think
> that these things must be taken into consideration in all the other chapters
> defining the H.323 Mobility.

I agreed with you, one reason for chapters 8-11 is to Summarize all the
interworking requirements identified in the earlier chapters. And reference
other H.246 Annex's for more details. And maybe provide a matrix of the
level of interworking supported for each network type, e.g., GSM etc.

> Also, the more detailed definitions concerning
> the PLMN-interworking should be handled in the H.246 Annex E.

On PLNM interworking does it include  PSTN, INAP, CAMEL, MAP,
Supplementery sevices and regulated Service like LNP??  and
Which Terminal types which 2G or 3G terminals are supported ...

I saw H.323 Annex-H has the Main document to put high level
requirements for interworking networks and terminals that maybe
captured in details by  other Documents like H.246 Annex-(E...Z).

> Furthermore, I'm not quite sure what is meant by the chapter 7 title:
> Recommended Reliable Transport Protocol for the IP Mobile subsystems. I
> think this chapter (or it could be divided into a couple of chapters) should
> include the procedure definitions (with message sequences, etc.) as well as
> the message and message field definitions (such as ASN.1).

Chapter 7,  can be very simple or not, we can just reference protocols e.g.,
CSTP and Sigtran and for IP Transport  part used between  the IP mobility
subsytems e.g., between HLF and GK for reliable transport of signaling
and QoS.

> Another one that I don't quite understand is chapter 11: Mobile IP Network
> Interworking. What is this chapter actually meant to include?

I believe that this chapter 11 can include requirements for  H.323 Annex-I to
the interworking between the H.323 Network Mobility Management and the Mobile
IP transport application.

Chapter 11 can provide some high level requirements to H.323 Annex-I.
To consider a way or ways  for the H.323 Network Mobility Management application

to request a change of an IP address to the Mobile IP Transport Appilcation,
in the event of handover and/or roaming that may change the Terminal IP address
and/or Network Point of Attachment (NoPA). Within a active call or active state.

In summary,  I see H.323 Annex-H as the core mobility requirements
the interworking sections are no more then,  high level requirements
that we need to make sure works with the Core, that is, the PURE H.323
IP mobility network and the H.323 standard Framework.

For example Location Area could a interworking requirement. Lets say
add a chapter 12 called "Location Area interworking with H.323 Mobility".
The context it is chapter 12 could start like this. For Location Area to  work
within the H.323 mobility framework. One needs to address the
following ..................Or changes to the LA ID format where needed
to account for IP addressing etc........


Good questions and like everything else, we all need to
agreed on what should be included in the H.323 Annex-H
document and we all have a equal vote. The document
will reflect our collective decision.


> - Jaakko Sundquist
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