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Kausar, Nadia Nadia.Kausar at LEVEL3.COM
Tue Nov 16 10:20:03 EST 1999

Hi all,

I have a couple of comments on some of the MTDs that I would like to make
already before the telephone conference.

First a small typo in MTD-02. In item 4, it should probably say H.246 Annex
E instead of H.248 Annex E.

Second, MTD-04. I would like to start this conversation already on the
mailing list to save some time. I do not think that we should have separate
chapters in the H.323 Annex H for the interworking issues. Instead, I think
that these things must be taken into consideration in all the other chapters
defining the H.323 Mobility. Also, the more detailed definitions concerning
the PLMN-interworking should be handled in the H.246 Annex E.
Furthermore, I'm not quite sure what is meant by the chapter 7 title:
Recommended Reliable Transport Protocol for the IP Mobile subsystems. I
think this chapter (or it could be divided into a couple of chapters) should
include the procedure definitions (with message sequences, etc.) as well as
the message and message field definitions (such as ASN.1).
Another one that I don't quite understand is chapter 11: Mobile IP Network
Interworking. What is this chapter actually meant to include?

- Jaakko Sundquist
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