LogicalChannelRate Messages

El-Gebaly, Hani hani.el-gebaly at INTEL.COM
Wed Nov 10 14:12:55 EST 1999

Aseem, Paul and all,

LogicalChanelRate SDL should be very similar to any request/response pair like Paul mentioned. This was an Intel contribution for controlling video/data channel bitrate. I will consider bringing a clarification contribution to version 6 maybe and the implementers guide in an upcoming Rapporteur meeting. Yes releaseComplete should have a cookie to address the active SDL. I didn't want to deviate from the legacy :). I will address this issue as well.
Thanks for the reminder.


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From: Paul Long [mailto:plong at SMITHMICRO.COM]
Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 1999 10:57 AM
Subject: Re: LogicalChannelRate Messages


Good point. Looks like an oversight. Using the other signaling entities, or
SEs, as a guide, it appears that when there is a single SE per call, as is
the case with CESE, no other information is required; however, when there
can be multiple SEs per call, as is the case with CLCSE, RMSE, _and our
"LCRSE"_, one must identify which instance of the incoming SE in the remote
EP is being released.

As a practical matter, I would say that upon receipt of
LogicalChannelRateRelease as it is currently defined in H.245v5, an EP
should release _all_ incoming SEs. At the earliest opportunity, we should
add a logical-channel-number extension addition to this message, i.e.,

LogicalChannelRateRelease       ::=SEQUENCE
        logicalChannelNumber    LogicalChannelNumber

BTW, If we had gone to the trouble of defining an SE for these messages, I
bet this oversight would have been caught in time.

Paul Long
Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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From: Aseem Agarwal [mailto:aseem at trillium.com]
Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 1999 12:40 PM
Cc: h323implementors at imtc.org
Subject: Re: LogicalChannelRate Messages

hi Paul

A related question. There are no "sequence number and logical channel
number" information elements in LogicalChannelRateRelease message. How
will a receiving entity correctly associate this message to the request
message received earlier in case multiple such requests are pending ?


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