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Aseem Agarwal aseem at TRILLIUM.COM
Tue Nov 9 19:48:04 EST 1999

I have found conflicting descriptions of canonical names. A.6.4.1/H.225.0v3
says, "The CNAME item should have the format 'user at host'...," and then goes
on to talk about alternative forms. However, the cname field in RTPSession,
which is referenced by the audio and video components of IRR's perCallInfo,
is of type, PrintableString. But guess what? The "@" character is not valid
for PrintableString!

The problem occurs when an EP receives a properly formed canonical name (via
an RTCP sender report) containing "@", e.g., "plong at wkstation3", and is
subsequently required to disclose this name in an IRR. It currently has to
modify the name before encoding it by, for example, replacing the "@"
character with "-", as in "plong-wkstation3" or removing the user-name
portion of the name, leaving just the host name, as in "wkstation3", but
then it is not accurately reporting the canonical name.

Anyone know how to fix this in H.225.0?

Paul Long
Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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