H.323 v3 text

Sakae OKUBO okubo at GITI.OR.JP
Wed Nov 3 20:28:05 EST 1999

With reference to the minutes detailed in APC 1748:

In view of the contributions on extensibility (APC -1683A, TD43, APC-1694,
and APC-1737) put forward at the Red Bank meeting, we intend to continue the
dialogue with Nortel with the aim of extending their contribution APC-1656
to include a more generic long term solution (as detailed in TD-43).

We believe that APC -1656 is a good starting point, but needs further work
to include extensibility concepts, from APC-1683A, before 'determination' of
H.225 version 4.  It is our understanding that the dialogue is an ongoing
process, and this should be reflected in the meeting minutes.

Morgan Potter.

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