Intra Domain/Inter zone communication

Roy, Radhika R, ALARC rrroy at ATT.COM
Wed Nov 3 09:08:57 EST 1999

I apologize for the wide distribution - I am a "new kid in town".
I know that Annex G refers to inter-Domain connectivity... but my current
interest is Inter-Zone/Intra-Domain.
It is clear that GKs can broadcast  LRQ msg to resolve non-local addresses  (and
cache them) , but this does not sound like a scaleable
I found a contribution APC-1434 from AT&T that gives some static and dynamic
My questions are:
1) What is the status of the contribution ? anyone knows if this is accepted ?
2) Can someone point me to other places in any standard/contribution that
address this issue (if such exist).
If no special mechanism exist, and yet people agree that this is an issue
(scaleability and redundancy) for Inter-Zone
then let me know, and I can build a contribution  that will offer those

e-mail: Haim_Rochberger at

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