White paper on MGCP vs MEGACO

Chip Sharp chsharp at CISCO.COM
Tue Nov 2 10:16:58 EST 1999

I assume this is just a plain old white paper and not a White Contribution
for the next SG16 meeting?

At 10:58 AM 11/2/99 +0530, vbajaj at HSS.HNS.COM wrote:

>Hi all,
>                 Our sincere apologies for the wide cross-posting and
>inconvenience that it may have caused.  We thought the information
>    compiled in this white paper may be of interest to participants of all
> these
>mailing lists. Hence, the wide crossposting.
>   Attached with this mail is a White paper that highlights the differences
>between MEGACO, the proposed protocol for control of
>   Media Gateways by the Media Gateway Controllers in the desomposed Gateway
>architecture, and its predecessor MGCP protocol.
>   Comments are most welcome and may be sent to vbajaj at hss.hns.com.
>  Regards,
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