RAS terminal and gateway discovery/registration messages

Rex Coldren coldrenr at agcs.com
Tue Nov 2 10:10:28 EST 1999

   It is not true that a device that registers multiple times must use different
transport addresses.  At least not in H.225 v4.  Have a look at Berlin APC
1581 and TD 27.  These proposals cover additive registration capabilities for
an endpoint.


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Gene Schroeder wrote:

>  Regarding your first question, I believe that H.225 is simply saying that a physicaldevice can
> register as multiple logical endpoints, and this might be most commonfor a GW or MCU.  It
> certainly doesn't mean that a PSTN GW would register oncefor each line.  However, a GW could
> partition its lines in some way, and registeronce for each grouping.  By the way, while it is not
> stated explicitly, I believe thatin practice a device that registers multiple times must use
> different transportaddresses (IP-port combination) in each registration, to allow each
> logicalendpoint to be individually addressed. Regarding your second question, a GW might register
> an alias for administrativeor management purposes. Gene Schroederelemedia
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>      Subject: RAS terminal and gateway discovery/registration messages
>       Hi All,
>      H.225.0 states that "one GRQ is sent per logical endpoint; thus an MCU or a Gateway
>      might send many". Do I take it therefore, that a H.323-to-ISDN gateway with a maximum
>      capacity of n lines must send n GRQ and RRQ messages; i.e., one for each line? If this
>      is the case, can anyone shed any light on the reasoning behind it?
>      Also, can anyone explain the relevance of the endpointAlias field in the GRQ message and
>      the terminalAlias fields in the RRQ and RCF messages to a H.323 gateway application?
>      After all, a gateway is supposed to be transparent to normal endpoints and does not need
>      to be directly addressed by them.
>      Thanks,
>      Mohamed
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