The meaning of the reception of a "new" capability set

Mon Nov 1 09:56:54 EST 1999

I believe every new capability set should be treated as a complete
replacement for the previously received one.  Otherwise conferencing servers
(MCS) and Gateways will not be able exercise enough control over the media
modes of the multipoint conferences and gateway sessions.

Ilya Freytsis

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                Neither H.323 nor H.245 are too clear about what it means
when an endpoint receives another set of capabilities after having already
received one. In previous E-mail messages on this list, I have read that
capability sets are cumulative, i.e. anything
                "new" received in a TCS message adds to the capabilities
transmitted in a previous TCS message. I have, however, found nothing in the
recommendations that backs this up.

                So what is the intended procedure? Does a newly received set
of capabilities replace the previously received set? Do capabilities
received in a TCS message add to the already received capabilities? How are
capabilities removed? What constitutes an "empty
                capability set" etc.

                I would appreciate it if somebody could point me in the
right direction.



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