Problem in Connect Message in H.2250 V3

Paul Long plong at SMITHMICRO.COM
Mon Nov 22 13:34:32 EST 1999

Paul and Aseem,

To reduce ambiguity, rather than defining the order in H.225.0, let's
clearly state in H.225.0 that the encoding order is defined in Q.931. The
former would, IMO, lead to more confusion because an order would be defined
in two places.

Paul Long
Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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From: Aseem Agarwal [mailto:aseem at TRILLIUM.COM]
Sent: Monday, November 22, 1999 12:36 PM
Subject: Re: Problem in Connect Message in H.2250 V3

I feel that this definitely warrants a change in the next Implementor's
Guide in order to avoid any ambiguity.


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