H.323 Mobility: Re: H.246 Annex E

Edgar Martinez [1] martinze at CIG.MOT.COM
Wed Nov 24 17:53:19 EST 1999

Dear All,

Although I have some interest in H.246 Annex-E and H.323 Annex-I.
I strongly recommend that the work be handled in separate meetings.
I will like for us the H.323 Mobile Ad-Hoc group to focus 100%,
on the H.323 Annex-H Contributions which where left over
from our last meeting.

In the context of Annex-H.  If Intel is submitting figure 1 of MTD-13  to
be considered for H.323 Annex-H for the highlevel interworking sections
of H.323 Annex-H we may look at it.

I also propose that H.323 Annex-I should start doing some work,
and provide the H.323 mobility ad-hoc group an outline and work plan.
Before they start to attack on what (should or should not) be included.
>From an highlevel point of view H.323 Annex-H, could address
e.g., mobile ip, IP transport, IPv6 etc.. interworking issues with
H.323 mobility applications.

If we can not come to an agreement to focus only H.323 Annex-H, for the
pure H.323 Mobility solution and the Highlevel (non-H.323) mobile networks
and terminals interworking requirements, " Then I propose we cancel the

Best Regards,

Edgar Martinez

"Reddy, Paul K" wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I had submitted the MTD-13 contribution as the H.246 Annex E's Goal and
> workplan to be discussed during H.323 Mobility Ad Hoc's conference call on
> November 17, 1999. Since we could not cover all the contribution in the
> first conference call, we planned another conference call on November 29,
> 1999 to continue reviewing rest of the contributions and further make
> progress on H.323 Annex H work and related mobility work like H.246 Annex E.
> I really appreciate AT&T to start discussion on H.246 Annex E and the
> initiation to make progress on this work. Please review the enclosed MTD-13
> document and send your comments. I am also working on the H.246 Annex E
> document outline with inclusion of APC-1671, APC-1672 content as part of the
> H.246 Annex E document.
> Contributions are welcome on this subject from any interested parties.
> regards,
> Paul
> Paul K. Reddy
> Intel Corporation
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> From: Roy, Radhika R, ALARC [mailto:rrroy at ATT.COM]
> Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 1999 12:49 PM
> Subject: H.246 Annex E
> Hi, Everyone:
> Now I am providing some inputs related to H.246 Annex E - Interworking
> between Existing (Fixed) H.323 Systems and Existing Mobile Networks.
> This work item has not been discussed completely in the last Red Bank
> Q.12-14/16 meeting. However, a separate annex for this work item has been
> proposed. This annex has been proposed as a result of APC-1671 and APC-1672.
> An editor is yet to be assigned for this annex.
> In the last H.323 Mobility Ad Hoc conference call held on November 17, Paul
> Reddy of Intel has been assigned as an Ad Hoc editor to continue this work.
> *       First, this work can only proceed independent of H.323 Annex H if it
> is considered that H.323 terminals are fixed.
> *       Second, what should be the scope of this annex?
> I have couple of suggestions:
> *       Let the ad hoc editor define the scope of the work.
> *       Let the ad hoc editor formulate a work plan.
> Once the editor has some thoughts along the line, let us discuss this in the
> SG16 reflector initially. Depending on the responses, we may even consider
> let the editor and all other interested companies bring contributions along
> this line for developing this annex. If needed, we may even plan separate Ad
> Hoc meetings completely focusing on this H.246 Annex E.
> Our main aim is to make progress in all areas as much as possible with clear
> goals.
> I would request that all SG16 members provide their comments how the work of
> H.246 Annex E should proceed.
> It appears that almost all contributions and interests have primarily been
> focused on H.323 Mobility work (e.g., H.323 Annex H). Keeping this in mind,
> we must be responsive to the interest of our SG16 members. That is, our
> upcoming Ad Hoc conference call on November 29, 1999 should primarily focus
> on H.323 Annex H: H.323 User, Terminal, and Service Mobility.
> Best regards,
> Radhika R. Roy
> H.323 Ad Hoc Mobility Group
> AT&T
> +1 732 420 1580
> rrroy at att.com
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