H.246 Annex E

Roy, Radhika R, ALARC rrroy at ATT.COM
Wed Nov 24 15:48:51 EST 1999

Hi, Everyone:

Now I am providing some inputs related to H.246 Annex E - Interworking
between Existing (Fixed) H.323 Systems and Existing Mobile Networks.

This work item has not been discussed completely in the last Red Bank
Q.12-14/16 meeting. However, a separate annex for this work item has been
proposed. This annex has been proposed as a result of APC-1671 and APC-1672.
An editor is yet to be assigned for this annex.

In the last H.323 Mobility Ad Hoc conference call held on November 17, Paul
Reddy of Intel has been assigned as an Ad Hoc editor to continue this work.

*       First, this work can only proceed independent of H.323 Annex H if it
is considered that H.323 terminals are fixed.
*       Second, what should be the scope of this annex?

I have couple of suggestions:

*       Let the ad hoc editor define the scope of the work.
*       Let the ad hoc editor formulate a work plan.

Once the editor has some thoughts along the line, let us discuss this in the
SG16 reflector initially. Depending on the responses, we may even consider
let the editor and all other interested companies bring contributions along
this line for developing this annex. If needed, we may even plan separate Ad
Hoc meetings completely focusing on this H.246 Annex E.

Our main aim is to make progress in all areas as much as possible with clear

I would request that all SG16 members provide their comments how the work of
H.246 Annex E should proceed.

It appears that almost all contributions and interests have primarily been
focused on H.323 Mobility work (e.g., H.323 Annex H). Keeping this in mind,
we must be responsive to the interest of our SG16 members. That is, our
upcoming Ad Hoc conference call on November 29, 1999 should primarily focus
on H.323 Annex H: H.323 User, Terminal, and Service Mobility.

Best regards,

Radhika R. Roy
H.323 Ad Hoc Mobility Group
+1 732 420 1580
rrroy at att.com

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