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We need to begin a debate of the terms for robustness.  The following by
Radhika Roy of AT&T is a first set of definitions for your review and

Note: The following definitions are a part of the document referenced below:

Study Group  16
Delayed Contribution:  D.225 (WP 2/16)

Santiago, Chile, 17-28 May 1999

Question(s):    13/16

SOURCE*:        USA

TITLE:  Framework for Reliable H.323 Gatekeeper Architectures

AUTHOR:        Roy, Radhika [rrroy at ATT.COM]

Reliability: To have the robust GK architecture for increasing reliability
(e.g., appropriate redundancy in the architecture as well as robustness of
the software codes).
Availability: To provision the GK architecture with implications for both
the planned (e.g., upgrading, maintenance, etc.) and unplanned (e.g.,
failures) outages of the GK itself or its components to meet the desired
availability goal (e.g., appropriate redundancy in the architecture based on
trade-offs between the planned and unplanned outages).
Serviceability: To include provision for outage tolerances in the GK level
architectural framework to meet the service level requirements (e.g., if
24-hour a day, 7-day a week, and 365-day a year is the requirement for the
GK, the GK architectural scheme can be provisioned with redundancy to meet
the requirement considering the outages).
Recoverability: To keep proper provision within the GK architecture for the
recovery time as well as for any signaling messages that might have been in
transit at the time of failure
Scalability: To be able to increase the throughput by the GK architecture as
more resources are put to the system considering the fact that a GK might be
used by a large user community (e.g., capability to provide automatic load
balancing within the GK architecture with proper redundancy considering
Context: To be able to maintain context across multiple requests with
minimum latency within a session by the GK architecture in view of outages.
Security: To provide adequate security with redundant GK architectures in
the event of failures as well as during replications.

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