Minutes from the H.323 Mobility Meeting

Paul E. Jones paulej at cisco.com
Wed Nov 17 13:15:32 EST 1999

H.323 Mobility Meeting
November 17, 1999 8-10AM EST

Relevant files can be found here:

Meeting Scope
User, service, and terminal mobility (Annex H/H.323)

It was noted that the ITU-T SG16 will liaison with ITU-T SG11, ITU-R
IMT-2000, ETSI TIPHON, as they are also addressing mobility.  It was also
suggested that we provide information to the IMTC (http://www.imtc.org) and
3GPP (http://www.3gpp.org/), although they are not a standards body, per se.

Report from Red Bank
MTD-02 reiterated what was discussed and agreed to in Red Bank.  It was
noted that TD-65 from Red Bank was an initial outline, but that was expanded
and can be found in MTD-04a.

MTD-03 (Draft Annex H)
This document contains the current draft text of H.323 Annex H. This
document defines the ideas, functions, and entities of the H.323 mobile
system.  It also defines the requirements and architecture, though those
sections are not fleshed out nor agreed to.  People objected to the
statement in the Scope section that stated "NPoA can change also during a
call, thus allowing handovers", since we do not yet have an architecture
defined.  It was also suggested that we remove the references to IMT-2000,
as it implies the H.323 mobile system will be compatible with IMT-2000.  In
reality, we want to borrow their ideas, but interworking will still be
required between H.323 systems and IMT-2000 systems.

MTD-04 (Additional Items for Annex H Outlines)
Several new sections to Annex H were proposed, including the areas of
reliable transport of signaling, roaming interworking with non-H.323
networks, handover interworking with non-H.323 networks, non-H.323
supplementary services interworking, and mobile IP network interworking.
However, only sections on roaming interworking with non-H.323 networks and
non-H.323 supplementary services interworking were accepted as new sections
in Annex H.  Some issues were felt out of scope and others were felt as
appropriate for Annex I/H.323.

It was agreed that future conferences will be hosted by the IMTC.

Since little progress was made during the conference call, more discussion
needs to take place on the mailing list.  Prior to the next call, we will
narrow the number of documents we will discuss during the call.

The next call will be Monday, November 29, 1999 from 8-10AM PST.

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