Problem in Connect Message in H.2250 V3

Aseem Agarwal aseem at TRILLIUM.COM
Wed Nov 17 17:43:38 EST 1999

Hi All

 There is a problem in the additions made to Q.931 part of Connect
 message in H.2250V3. Two new IEs have been added AFTER User-to-User IE.

 The IE codes for the new IEs added are:
 Connected Number    : 0x4c
 Connected Subaddress: 0x4d

 The IE code for User-to-User is 0x7e

 According to Q.931 coding Rules [section: 4.5.1], the IEs in a message
 should be in ascending order of their respective code values. These two
 IEs should be added after Date/Time IE.

 Comments ?

aseem at

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