H.323 mobility Conference Call

Roy, Radhika R, ALARC rrroy at ATT.COM
Tue Nov 16 17:37:04 EST 1999

Hi, Everyone:

Let me clarify few things on behalf of the H.323 Ad Hoc Mobility Group as

1. Temporary document numbers will be provided by

Paul K. Reddy
Intel Architecture Labs,
Intel Corporation,
2111 NE 25th Avenue,
Hillsboro, OR - 97124, USA,
Office Phone# +1 (503)-264-9896
paul.k.reddy at INTEL.COM

Please contact Paul for allocation and uploading of the documents in the web

2. Editors for H.323 Annexes are as follows:

*       H.323 Annex H: User, Terminal, and Service Mobility in H.323 -
Editor: E. Martinez, Motorola
*       H.323 Annex I: Packet-based Multimedia Telephony over Error Prone
Channels - Editor: B. Aronson, Toshiba

3. Tomorrow's (November 17, 1999) conference call is being hosted by Intel.
I would request both Paul and Ed keep the meeting minutes. The meeting
minutes will be distributed later.

4. The next conference call will be hosted by AT&T (time and date will be
decided tomorrow). However, I would request Paul to allocate the document
numbers as he is doing now.

5. I am enclosing a file containing all APC/TD numbers and titles of the
SG16 Q.12-Q.14 Red Bank meeting and the upcoming conference call.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Best regards,

Radhika R. Roy
On Behalf of H.323 Ad Hoc Mobility Group
+ 1 732 420 1580
rrroy at att.com

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