H.245 address and tunneling

El-Gebaly, Hani hani.el-gebaly at INTEL.COM
Thu Nov 11 00:03:30 EST 1999

                Greetings all,

                I have a question regarding tunneling and H.245 address.
                Suppose a terminal returned a connect message with a valid
H.245 address (IP+port) together with tunneling set to TRUE.
                What should be the behavior of the receiving terminal in
this case?
                It can be either:
                1. The terminal establishes a separate H.245 TCP connection
and starts H.245 procedure.
                2. The terminal ignores the H.245 address and assumes that
tunneling is requested and will be honored later on in the call.

                The real question is under what circumstances or why would a
terminal request tunneling and supply an H.245 address?
                Is it backward compatibility?

                Thanks in advance for all your responses.


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