RAS terminal and gateway discovery/registration messages

Mohamed Mustafa M.Mustafa at SDXPLC.COM
Tue Nov 2 06:37:51 EST 1999

Hi All,

H.225.0 states that "one GRQ is sent per logical endpoint; thus an MCU or a
Gateway might send many". Do I take it therefore, that a H.323-to-ISDN
gateway with a maximum capacity of n lines must send n GRQ and RRQ messages;
i.e., one for each line? If this is the case, can anyone shed any light on
the reasoning behind it?

Also, can anyone explain the relevance of the endpointAlias field in the GRQ
message and the terminalAlias fields in the RRQ and RCF messages to a H.323
gateway application? After all, a gateway is supposed to be transparent to
normal endpoints and does not need to be directly addressed by them.


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