The meaning of the reception of a "new" capability set

frank.derks at PHILIPS.COM frank.derks at PHILIPS.COM
Mon Nov 1 08:31:05 EST 1999

Neither H.323 nor H.245 are too clear about what it means when an endpoint receives another set of capabilities after having already received one. In previous E-mail messages on this list, I have read that capability sets are cumulative, i.e. anything
"new" received in a TCS message adds to the capabilities transmitted in a previous TCS message. I have, however, found nothing in the recommendations that backs this up.

So what is the intended procedure? Does a newly received set of capabilities replace the previously received set? Do capabilities received in a TCS message add to the already received capabilities? How are capabilities removed? What constitutes an "empty
capability set" etc.

I would appreciate it if somebody could point me in the right direction.



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