H.320 gateways a MEGACO / ITU

Matt Holdrege matt at ASCEND.COM
Wed Mar 31 16:26:44 EST 1999

So why specifically does PER have a problem with firewalling/packet filtering?

At 04:12 PM 3/31/99 -0500, Melinda Shore wrote:
>Hello?  I wasn't talking about NAT in particular, I was talking
>about firewalling/packet filtering in general.
>At 12:58 PM 3/31/99 -0800, Matt Holdrege wrote:
>>Yes, but protection does not mean using NAT. Saying that we shouldn't use
>>PER because it won't work well with NAT is a red herring. Service providers
>>do not need to use NAT and should not be encouraged to use NAT.
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