Draft Megaco Protocol proposal from the design team

Nancy-M Greene ngreene at NORTELNETWORKS.COM
Fri Mar 26 04:18:02 EST 1999

> >
> >I've understood masterSlaveDetermination procedure goes as follows:
> >1. EP1 sends mSD message with a value specific to it and also the random
> >number.
> >2. EP2 sends back an mSDAck with slave/master info (after comparing its own
> >and EP1's related info).
> >3. EP1 yet sends mSDAck to EP2 with slave/master info.
> >
> >Question: Could someone try to explain the reasoning behind the "third
> >message", that is, what is it needed for?

>Manoj wrote

> Step  3 is needed because EP2 needs to know if the result of the
> present instance of MSD procedure is known to EP1. EP2 can not
> initiate those procedures which rely on the knowledge of the MSD
> result, until it has received confirmation that EP1 terminal
> also has knwoledge of the result of the current MSD Preocedure.
> That's why Step 3 is required.

If the MSDAck  doesn't reach EP1, EP1 will send MSDRelease
to EP2.

In Terminal Capability exchange also we can not initiate those
procedures which rely on Terminal Capability. We don't have step 3
there. Then Why a special 3rd step in MSD?


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