ITU/IETF audio call announcement

Bryan Hill bhill at VIDEOSERVER.COM
Thu Mar 25 09:21:39 EST 1999

At 02:43 PM 3/23/99 +0200, you wrote:
>I've understood masterSlaveDetermination procedure goes as follows:
>1. EP1 sends mSD message with a value specific to it and also the random
>2. EP2 sends back an mSDAck with slave/master info (after comparing its own
>and EP1's related info).
>3. EP1 yet sends mSDAck to EP2 with slave/master info.
>Question: Could someone try to explain the reasoning behind the "third
>message", that is, what is it needed for?

* The MSDSE SDL seems to indicate that the master/slave info in the Ack
sent by EP1 contradicting with EP2's info is a possibility.
(But EP1's Ack is just the opposite of EP2's Ack according to the
same SDL, so now the question is (how) can * happen?)


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