H.GCP Call Tuesday 3/23

Bryan Hill bhill at VIDEOSERVER.COM
Fri Mar 19 15:42:13 EST 1999

I have scheduled an H.GCP audio call for Tuesday March 23rd at 10 AM EST for
two hours.  The call-in details are listed below.

Calls from outside the US: 773 756-4715
Call from within the US:  888 847-9708
Passcode: Brian

The first agenda item will be to discuss the progress made on the connection
model since our last H.GCP audio call.  For those who may not have kept up
with the events that transpired at the IETF in Minneapolis, a new connection
model has been agreed to by a core group of interested parties that included
the authors of MGCP and MDCP.  This was reached after review of the work Rex
Coldren, Hong Liu and Fernando Cuervo took on during our last H.GCP call and
it included the document Nancy Green and others submitted for IETF meeting
in Minneapolis that compared MGCP and MDCP.  This is an exciting development
and text that describes this work will soon be available for review on the
IETF and ITU reflectors.  I have attached a brief slide presentation that
was presented during the Megaco meeting in Minneapolis.  Nancy Green has
kindly volunteered to present this material on Tuesday.

The remainder of the call will be used to address how the control model,
commands, resources and message acknowledgement strategies for H.GCP
protocol.  These are topics that various individuals agreed to research
during the last call.

In closing we will discuss additional items to work on in preparation for
the next H.GCP call.  I will proposed the next call be held a week later, on
March 30th, as time is growing short to reach consensus on H.GCP.


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