Call hold and transfer in H.323 AnnexF. Too limited??

Gunnar Hellstrom gunnar.hellstrom at OMNITOR.SE
Tue Mar 16 17:00:50 EST 1999

> H.225.0 channel failure:
> Section 8.6 of H323 V2 second para states that in the case of a protocol
> failure of the
> H225 channel it is possible for an endpoint to attempt to reestablish the
> H225 channel and continue the call.
> H.245 channel failure:
> At the end of section 8.6 (second last para)  it states that
> in the case of a failure of the H245 channel the "procedures described
> above" shall be used. Which procedures are referred here ?
> a) the procedures described for the signalling channel failure case in the
> second para, allowing a channel re-establishment. This would mean that in
> case of a H.245 channel failure the H.245 channel may be re-established.
> If re-establishment is successful, the call may continue. Only if
> re-establishment fails, the call would have to be terminated according to
> what is sayd in para 1.
> b) the procedures described for H.245 channel failure in the first
> paragraph; which would mean that the call would have to be terminated. No
> H.245 channel re-establishment attempt is allowed.
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