Handling of nonreceipt of IRRs by gatekeeper

rtgupta at HSS.HNS.COM rtgupta at HSS.HNS.COM
Thu Mar 11 02:31:16 EST 1999

    Specifications have not included all the glare and error conditions. So
I assume in these cases, decision making is at gatekeeper's discretion.

Even in 'IRR not received' case, it is at gatekeeper's disposal how to deal
with it. But in my opinion, best solution is 3rd one as suggested by you.
If gatekeeper does not receive IRR from an endpoint within irrFrequency
period, it should send IRQ. Gatekeeper should try atleast twice. In case no
response is received, gatekeeper should clear the call.


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Subject:  Handling of nonreceipt of IRRs by gatekeeper

Handling of nonreceipt of IRRs by gatekeeper.
If irrFrequency is specified in ACF message and the endpoint doesnot
respond with an IRR in the specified interval, what should the GK do?
(H2250V2 Section 7.11.2 says endpoint shall send IRRs if the irrFrequency
 is specified, but doesn't say about nonreceipt of IRRs)
Following are the list of possible actions by GK, and I would like hear
your opinion.
1. Just ignore
2. Clear the call by sending DRQ
3. Send a IRQ and release the call if no response.
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