H.GCP Audio Call minutes

Bryan Hill bhill at VIDEOSERVER.COM
Fri Mar 5 11:38:26 EST 1999

J.Aridaman wrote:
>>Please do not include me in further e-mails.

1)  If you wish to unsubscribe from the SG16 mail list,
   this is not how to do it.

2)  If you wish the VoIP QoS discussion to discontinue
   using the SG16 list, this has already been established

3)  Joon has already setup a mail list for the discussion

>Hi! To subscribe H.323/VoIP QoS Activity Group, please send mail
>to majordomo at majordomo.vtel.com with a command line
>subscribe h323_voip_qos your email address
>in the body of the message

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