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Gary A. Thom gthom at DELTA-INFO.COM
Fri Mar 5 11:18:06 EST 1999

I have this minor semantic clarification:

> 2. I disagree with Linh's assertion that "an MC never sends ARQ".  If I am
> administering an MCU which can initiate conferences by calling up a list of
> participants at a given time, I will certainly require that MCU to apply to
> its gatekeeper for permission to make these calls.
> In the particular case under discussion, E2/its MC certainly has to send
> ARQ.  It is going to make a call, which will result in data flowing its
> gatekeeper's zone, and which may end up costing money.

The original idea was that only endpoints send ARQ. An MC is not an endpoint, however, it is a
functional element which can be contained in an endpoint (such is the case of an MCU or a terminal
which contains an MC). So even though the endpoint contains an MC, it is the endpoint which is
sending the ARQ not the MC functional element.

If an MC exists in the Gatekeeper, I do not beleive that that MC will ever send ARQ for any of the
connections in the conference. Only the endpoints in that conference will send ARQ to their

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