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The H.GCP audio call was held today, 18 ports called in including a group
from the TIPHON meeting.

The working model
Individuals have will be working up submissions to be review by the entire
group at the next audio call.  The objective is that the principals involved
will collaborate off line initially, post the results to the SG16 reflector
for comments and a final version will be posted for discussion in an audio
call.   The result of that final review will be added into the H.GCP by the
editor.  Every effort will be made to resolve issues but if they cannot they
must be presented in Santiago.

Work items
The following work items were identified and individuals who expressed an
interest in working on them are noted.

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        I would like to invite you to participate in audio call on Thursday
        4th from 11AM until 1PM EST to discuss H.GCP.  The call details are

        Calls from outside the US:  312-470-7273
        Calls from within the US: 888-847-7598
        Passcode: BryanHill
        Confirmation number: 5193957

        Please respond to me directly to reserve a port for this call (where
        possible please try to minimize port requirements by sharing a port
with a

        The main purpose of this initial call will be to review requirements
        terminology for H.GCP which were discussed in Monterey.  I have been
        these sections and will make them available on the ptel SG16 ftp
site no
        later than tomorrow 3/2.  The second purpose of the call is to
        other areas that need to be discussed in subsequent audio calls.  An
        pass of topics is listed below.  I would like to solicit volunteers
        submit written contribution in each of the areas identified and use
        submissions as a basis for discussing topics in future audio calls.
In this
        manner I hope to scope our discussion to specific technical topics
        combine the benefits from MDCP and MGCP approaches into H.GCP.

        1)      Control model
                a)      Controller to gateway associations
                b)      Controller to internal gateway entity associations
                c)      Failover
                d)      Security
        2)      Connection model
                a)      Controllable entities
                b)      Controllable entity properties
        3)      Commands
        a)      Types
        b)      Parameters
                c)      Acknowledgement styles/sequencing
        4)      Messages (i.e.-command packaging)
        5)      Message Encoding
        6)      Resource management
        7)      Scripting/Packages
        8)      Interface C protocol (Q.931/Q.764)
        9)      Interface B protocol (Q.931 )

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