H.323/VoIP QoS (further to Randy Bloomfield's note)

Ekram Hossain ekram at ENGR.UVIC.CA
Wed Mar 3 23:58:26 EST 1999

Hi Joon,

I am interested to join the new H.323/VoIP Adhoc group.

AZM Ekram Hossain
Communications Research Laboratory
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engg.
University of Victoria
P.O. Box 3055 STN CSC
Victoria, BC V8W 3P6, CANADA

On Wed, 3 Mar 1999, Joon Maeng wrote:

> Hi folks, I do apologize using your reflectors for other purpose.  I would like
> to stop any further discussions regarding H.323/VoIP QoS Ad-hoc group in others
> reflectors.   By end of today (midnight), I'll include all the names who
> requested to join the group to a reflector,  h323_voip_qos at majordomo.vtel.com.
> I'll also provide information about subscribing the reflector.   Please hold any
> discussions until tomorrow morning.  We can discuss whatever we want to tomorrow
> via new reflector and please please stay out of others reflectors.  Thank you
> for your cooperation and tremendous interests.
> Regards,
> Joon

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