H.323/VoIP QoS (further to Randy Bloomfield's note)

Joon Maeng Joon_Maeng at vtel.com
Wed Mar 3 18:04:10 EST 1999

Hi folks, I do apologize using your reflectors for other purpose.  I would like
to stop any further discussions regarding H.323/VoIP QoS Ad-hoc group in others
reflectors.   By end of today (midnight), I'll include all the names who
requested to join the group to a reflector,  h323_voip_qos at majordomo.vtel.com.
I'll also provide information about subscribing the reflector.   Please hold any
discussions until tomorrow morning.  We can discuss whatever we want to tomorrow
via new reflector and please please stay out of others reflectors.  Thank you
for your cooperation and tremendous interests.

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