H.323/VoIP QoS (further to Randy Bloomfield's note)

Eric Hauch ehauch at MAIL.STATE.TN.US
Wed Mar 3 17:44:38 EST 1999


Thanks for your note.

Firstly I simply used Joon's mailing list (plus some of the T1 folks).  I see you did this as well - which is good (keeps everyone informed).

Committee T1 is not affiliated with the IETF but various T1 groups work in concert with the IETF on a fairly wide range of issues, this being one of them.  For instance, when we first started the MMoIP project, I gave a presentation to the IETF in Memphis to explain what we're doing and why.  Various members of T1A1 also participate in the IETF - and the IETF leadership has and is participating in our work.

Working Groups are managed by Committee T1 but are not voting bodies.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend and participate - the same is true for the Ad Hoc groups (which are really just topic-focused subsets of WG's).  One of the values of T1 comes at standards setting time - and this is a decided by member votes in keeping with the general requirements for ANSI accreditation.

Please understand, my note is not intended to discourage Joon's initiative - but rather to offer the work T1A1 has already done, to leverage our respective memberships and to provide a clear path to getting a standard (reference Joon's 4th charter point).  This I'm sure was the spirit of Randy's note as well.


>>> Christian Kuhtz <ck at ns1.adsu.bellsouth.com> 03/03 4:14 PM >>>


I think the purpose of this group is to discuss and explore ways of providing
IP QoS for VoIP networks, and to evaluate applicable existing technology as
well as provide feedback for emerging technology.

I don't quite understand why we need a managed membership committee to run
this -- particularly the managed membership part is what I find troubling.
What benefit are you providing?

Personally, I find this difficult to define, because you are obviously not the
premier forum for IP related issues (the IETF is).  Please explain.

So, if you're affiliated with the IETF, why don't you participate in our
working group rather than we move our IP network related issues into T1?

And, was it really neccessary to carbon copy over half a dozen mailing lists
on this subject matter?

Thanks in advance.


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