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Eli Doron elid at RADVISION.RAD.CO.IL
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What's your point? :)

Looking at the various questions, "relationships" describe what is wanted
from the group, rather than the entire scope of their operation.

If your concern relates to SG13 and their role with IP, ITU central seems
to support them in that role.

Study Group 16's "Area of Responsibility" is, unfortunately, "For further
study" - it should probably be "studied":

Also, in the "Questions under study", there is no mention of IP, and scant
reference to the Internet:

Study Group 13's "Home Page" includes "Lead Study Group on General network
aspects, Global Information Infrastructures (GII),  Broadband ISDN and IP
related aspects.":

Study Group 13's "Questions under study" has several references to IP:

It would appear that SG16 is involved in "Packet Networks", of which the
Internet and IP is but one.

A valid question would focus on whether the 21/15 question should restrict
itself to IP, or cover packet networks in general. Will their
recommendations only apply to SG16 equipment when connected to an IP network?

SG16 should not lose sight of the other packet network protocols.

How does this concept impact on H.gcp?


At 05:49 1999-03-02 -0800, Callaghan, Robert wrote:
>This is an interesting view of the IP world
>SG 16 - speech coding and interworking protocols
>SG 13 - lead group on overall IP issues
>SG 11 - signaling issues
>SG 4  - administration
>IETF  - sigtran, megaco and iptel Working Groups
>I don't think that this is our view, is it?

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