H.GCP Audio Call

Matt Holdrege matt at ASCEND.COM
Mon Mar 1 22:36:38 EST 1999

Bryan, sign me up.

Everyone else, in your copious free time, please feel free to peruse the
following related requirements document...


At 02:37 PM 3/1/99 -0500, Bryan Hill wrote:
>I would like to invite you to participate in audio call on Thursday March
>4th from 11AM until 1PM EST to discuss H.GCP.  The call details are as
>Calls from outside the US:  312-470-7273
>Calls from within the US: 888-847-7598
>Passcode: BryanHill
>Confirmation number: 5193957
>Please respond to me directly to reserve a port for this call (where ever
>possible please try to minimize port requirements by sharing a port with a
>The main purpose of this initial call will be to review requirements and
>terminology for H.GCP which were discussed in Monterey.  I have been editing
>these sections and will make them available on the ptel SG16 ftp site no
>later than tomorrow 3/2.  The second purpose of the call is to identify
>other areas that need to be discussed in subsequent audio calls.  An initial
>pass of topics is listed below.  I would like to solicit volunteers to
>submit written contribution in each of the areas identified and use these
>submissions as a basis for discussing topics in future audio calls.  In this
>manner I hope to scope our discussion to specific technical topics and
>combine the benefits from MDCP and MGCP approaches into H.GCP.
>1)      Control model
>        a)      Controller to gateway associations
>        b)      Controller to internal gateway entity associations
>        c)      Failover
>        d)      Security
>2)      Connection model
>        a)      Controllable entities
>        b)      Controllable entity properties
>3)      Commands
>a)      Types
>b)      Parameters
>        c)      Acknowledgement styles/sequencing
>4)      Messages (i.e.-command packaging)
>5)      Message Encoding
>6)      Resource management
>7)      Scripting/Packages
>8)      Interface C protocol (Q.931/Q.764)
>9)      Interface B protocol (Q.931 )
>Best Regards,
>Bryan Hill
>VideoServer Inc.
>(781) 505-2159
>  <mailto:bhill at videoserver.com>

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