H.323/VoIP QoS

Scott Bradner sob at HARVARD.EDU
Wed Mar 3 21:09:18 EST 1999

Radhika sends:
> I guess that H.323 is a transport independent multimedia (audio, video,
> and/or data) application. That is, H.323 can be transferred over any packet
> network (e.g., IP, ATM, etc). So, one of the most important aspects of H.323
> is to define signaling messages that will carry the QOS information at the
> H.323 application level. H.323 will then signal the underlying transport
> network to support the appropriate QOS.
> I think that SG16 will limit their multimedia QOS activities at the H.323
> application layer.

that makes sense but I will admit that is not what I read in the posting


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