Call Transfer

Espen Skjæran Espen.Skjaeran at ERICSSON.COM
Tue Mar 23 14:43:54 EST 1999


I have a specific question to H.450.2 Call Transfer.
-Why do the transferred-to endpoint have to support the service?

Section 6 of H.450.2 states
"When conveying the invoke APDU of operation callTransferSetup, the
Interpretation APDU shall contain value
which I find to mean "if you don't support the service, forget it"

The session between the transferred and the transferred-to endpoint
follows a basic call, and no useful information is returned
in the ctSetup. result operation. Why can't it be "dumb" and only
believe it is doing a basic call?
Isn't the receipt of ALERTING/CONNECT instead of RELEASE COMPLETE
acknowledgement enough that the transfer was successfull?

Anyone to clear up this?


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