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Lee Hyoung soo soo at DESKVIEW.NADA.CO.KR
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I tried to get answer from implementors group and some other person, but
I couldn't get any satisfiable answer.

My question is here.

In section 28/H.323-Non-MC invite signalling), when an
endpoint(E1) which do not have active MC wants to invite other
endpoint(E3), does E1 send an ARQ to its Gatekeeper for the invite or
does E2 send the ARQ to its gatekeeper, or do both of them send ARQ's?
And, when Gatekeeper doesn't know which endpoint has active MC in any
conference, what should Gatekeeper do if it receives ARQ(for invitation)
from an endpoint which do not have active MC? I mean, if Gatekeeper
receives ARQ from E1, what should Gatekeeper do? Does Gatekeeper send
ACR with E2's CallTransportAddress instead of E3's CallTransportAddress?

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