H.323/VoIP QoS

Joon Maeng Joon_Maeng at VTEL.COM
Wed Mar 3 11:40:21 EST 1999

Greetings!  My name is Joon Maeng.  I work for VTEL Corp in USA. I've talked to
several companies while I was attending ITU and IETF meetings about establishing
an ad-hoc group to address QoS (Quality of Service) issues in TRANSPORTING
REAL-TIME TRAFFICS in the packet switched network, especially in the IP network.
I was very encouraged by responses from those companies.  Most of them agreed
that lack of QoS support for real-time traffics  was one of major barriers in
deploying H.323/VoIP products and  the H.323 industry would benefit by having a
QoS activity group.  I would like to ask if your company would be interested in
the activities described in the following:

Proposed name of the group: H.323/VoIP QoS Activity Group.

Motivation:  ITU defined a good conference standard, H.323, for the packet
network.  IETF is actively defining QoS standards for the IP network. The
deployment of H.323/VoIP products has been slow partially due to lack of QoS
supports in current IP network.  The H.323/VoIP industry shall work together to
access the issues and provide solutions for the users.

Proposed charter of the group:
- Assess QoS issues in transporting real-time traffics (calls with long-duration
compared to web-access) in the IP network,
- Find the solutions to resolve issues,
- Execute solutions via various processes such as building consensus on various
QoS solutions among participants,
  submitting recommendations to standardization bodies if needed, and
facilitating inter-operablity testing between QoS standards and application
- and education,  promotion, etc.

I would expect the final charter and the structure of the group will be
determined by the participants and their interests.    I would say that
everything is open at this time except that the industry shall look at the QoS
issues seriously for real-time traffics.  I'd like to clarify that the proposed
group is not a group to standardize the QoS.  It is a group or a forum that is
interested in helping and promoting the real-time QoS for H.323/VoIP industry
through various methods (to be determined).   I plan to set up an email
reflector for the initial discussions among participants and decide the
following steps based on the discussions. Please email me (joon_maeng@ vtel.com)
if you and your company would be interested in joining the initial talks via
email reflector.   Your comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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