PDU & ASN parser

Paul Long Plong at SMITHMICRO.COM
Wed Jun 30 12:28:03 EDT 1999

We will use our Tueday morning slot for a syntax design team meeting.  I
suspect I should keep that down to around 20 people maximum, or we won't get
anywhere.  Send me an E-mail if you want to participate.

The proposals on the table are:
 -- what I would call status quo: the SDP proposals carried over from MGCP
   See draft-ietf-megaco-protocol-01.txt,
 -- the new proposals worked out by Messrs. Ott, Kimchi, Sijben, and Rosen.
(I have been quite properly taken to task for not checking with them before
implying that they had failed to come through.  They have originated three
I-Ds in all.)
   See draft-rosen-megaco-structures-and-encoding-00.txt,
draft-kimchi-megaco-discuss-caps-00.txt, draft-ott-mmusic-cap-00.txt
 -- Pete Cordell's proposal for text-encoded ASN.1
   See draft-cordell-messaging-00.txt
 -- the proposal by Messrs. Anquetil and Conte for ASN.1/OMG-IDL
   See draft-anquetil-megaco-asn1-idl-syntax-00.txt

Tom Taylor
Advisor -- IPConnect Standards
E-mail: taylor at nortelnetworks.com (internally, Tom-PT Taylor)
Phone and FAX: +1 613 736 0961

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