MGCP reference (was Re: Megaco/H.gcp conference call)

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HI Nancy,

maybe it is a good idea to post the history of all these protocols and their
relations (if any) to this list?


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Chip, you are right, the name Telcordia/Level 3/RSL COM/Vertical MGCP is not
convenient. Christian has already made the same comment you have. I said in
reply to him, and to the list, that I did make an error in adding Cisco to
the qualifier for MGCP. Since then, I refer to the new Megaco protocol as
the Megaco protocol, or the Megaco/H.gcp protocol, and to MGCP as MGCP.

Since a new version of MGCP has come out, version 1,
(draft-huitema-megaco-mgcp-v1-00.txt), this distinction is even more
necessary. It makes sense that megaco is part of the file name, because
there are parts of MGCP that still need to be turned into RFCs for packages
for the Megaco/H.gcp protocol, but it means the new Megaco/H.gcp protocol
can never really be called MGCP - it is too confusing. It would be good at
some point to pull the packages out of MGCP to stand alone as a separate
document for Megaco. And perhaps the UDP + timers part of MGCP so that it
can stand beside TUDP, MDTP, and TCP as alternatives for Megaco transport.

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> Once or twice is a mistake.  When the mistake is continually repeated I
> wonder...
> Cisco is NOT an author of MGCP.  Referring to MGCP as
> "Telcordia/Cisco MGCP" denigrates the hard work of the many people that
> actually did author the draft as well as the many people and companies
> that
> contributed.
> Maybe it isn't convenient to call it Telcordia/Level 3/RSL COM/Vertical/
> Chip
> At 06:44 PM 6/16/99 -0400, Nancy-M Greene wrote:
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> >mechanism. We need to choose one. There are two proposals on the table:
> >1) the UDP + timers method in the Telcordia/Cisco MGCP  -
> >draft-huitema-megaco-mgcp-v0r1-05.txt, and
> ...snip...
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