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Tue Jun 29 15:18:52 EDT 1999

Once or twice is a mistake.  When the mistake is continually repeated I

Cisco is NOT an author of MGCP.  Referring to MGCP as
"Telcordia/Cisco MGCP" denigrates the hard work of the many people that
actually did author the draft as well as the many people and companies that
Maybe it isn't convenient to call it Telcordia/Level 3/RSL COM/Vertical/ MGCP?


At 06:44 PM 6/16/99 -0400, Nancy-M Greene wrote:
>mechanism. We need to choose one. There are two proposals on the table:
>1) the UDP + timers method in the Telcordia/Cisco MGCP  -
>draft-huitema-megaco-mgcp-v0r1-05.txt, and
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