MGCP reference (was Re: Megaco/H.gcp conference call)

Chip Sharp chsharp at CISCO.COM
Tue Jun 29 14:53:10 EDT 1999

I'd support this as well: some additional text regarding backward
compatibility (use of GIT instead of B-HLI) is required. Along the
lines of what was done for H.310 which went throught the same

François Audet

> Hi everyone,
> One of the proposals we are planning to bring to the Berlin
> meeting is for
> modifications to Annex C.  If the additional text is approved
> in Berlin will it
> be possible to add it to H.323 V3?  This is quite important
> text since it deals
> with backward compatibility of Annex C in H.323 V3 and H.323 V2.
> Regards,
> Kaynam Hedayat

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