H.323v3 for decision in September

Kaynam Hedayat Kaynam_Hedayat at PICTEL.COM
Tue Jun 29 08:47:04 EDT 1999

Hi everyone,

One of the proposals we are planning to bring to the Berlin meeting is for
modifications to Annex C.  If the additional text is approved in Berlin will it
be possible to add it to H.323 V3?  This is quite important text since it deals
with backward compatibility of Annex C in H.323 V3 and H.323 V2.

Kaynam Hedayat

"Paul E. Jones" <paul.jones at TIES.ITU.INT> on 06/28/99 08:20:51 PM

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We may attempt to decide H.323v3 in September and determine version 4 in
February.  Mr. Skran has asked that I post the current draft so that people
can review the document.  This document must be delivered to the ITU by 30
June 1999.  (Please note that Annex C/H.323 is also a candidate for decision
in Septemer.)

This document contains only minor editorial changes to the document that was
determined in Santiago.  Nonetheless, I encourage you to review the document
for any errors or omissions.

The change marks indicate all changes that have been made since version 2.

Please direct any comments on the document to me.

The document can be found here:


Best Regards,
Paul E. Jones
DataBeam Corporation

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