H.323v3 for decision in September

Roni Even Roni_e at ACCORD.CO.IL
Tue Jun 29 03:24:18 EDT 1999

As far as I see in the Santiago meeting summary the decision was to
decide H.323V3 in 2/00. Where will we decide on 9.99 I did not see any
meeting scheduled. A lot of text was added during the Santiago meeting
about Conference out of Consultation which I see as just a procedure
that already is part of the previous text and I cannot see why it was
added at the first place. I intend to submit an APC about this for the
Berlin meeting. I think that adding two pages of text to the document
that was agreed in Monterey is not a minor change.

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> From: Paul E. Jones [SMTP:paul.jones at TIES.ITU.INT]
> Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 1999 2:21 AM
> Subject:      H.323v3 for decision in September
> Folks,
> We may attempt to decide H.323v3 in September and determine version 4
> in
> February.  Mr. Skran has asked that I post the current draft so that
> people
> can review the document.  This document must be delivered to the ITU
> by 30
> June 1999.  (Please note that Annex C/H.323 is also a candidate for
> decision
> in Septemer.)
> This document contains only minor editorial changes to the document
> that was
> determined in Santiago.  Nonetheless, I encourage you to review the
> document
> for any errors or omissions.
> The change marks indicate all changes that have been made since
> version 2.
> Please direct any comments on the document to me.
> The document can be found here:
> ftp://standards.pictel.com/avc-site/Incoming/H.323v3-990628.doc
> Best Regards,
> Paul E. Jones
> DataBeam Corporation

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