Proposed Changes To Requirements

Nancy-M Greene ngreene at NORTELNETWORKS.COM
Tue Jun 22 16:27:16 EDT 1999

     Is there any intention of including the af-saa-0124.000 scenario into
     the HGCP document. As this document is pointed by H323V3 I was
     wondering if SG16 would also include the requirements of this
     specification into the HGCP document. This would mean at least an
     additional bullet into the MG requirements.
     I know that one of the problem might be that HGCP refers to H323 V2
     rather than V3 but I believe that especially for access gateways the
     af-saa-0124.000 might be an interesting scenario.
     Any comments?
     Ameneh Zahir - Alcatel

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