New version of H.GCP

Roy Spitzer rspitzer at TELOGY.COM
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Are there special access rights or a different login necessary?  It appears
that I do not have full visibility to this Nortel site.  The following is
the view I get when accessing the site.  Thank you for your help.

FTP directory /megaco/docs/Oslo99 at

Up to higher level directory <..>
03/26/99 08:26AM        179,299 draft-ietf-megaco-protocol-00.txt
05/04/99 03:10AM        185,304 draft-ietf-megaco-protocol-01.txt
05/04/99 03:09AM         74,654 draft-ietf-megaco-reqs-03.txt
04/13/99 09:25PM      1,017,856 HGCP.DOC </megaco/docs/Oslo99/HGCP.DOC>
04/13/99 09:25PM        235,504 HGCP.PDF </megaco/docs/Oslo99/HGCP.PDF>
04/13/99 09:26PM        332,651 HGCP.ZIP </megaco/docs/Oslo99/HGCP.ZIP>
05/31/99 06:32PM        140,096 HgcpSantiago.pdf
04/15/99 06:08PM         15,506 IssueList.PDF


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                ... a good reason to go with pdf... I posted a pdf version
of the document


                The filename is hgcp_6_16.pdf


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                        John Segers writes:
                > I have the same problem with the document Bryan posted: no
                > On your second point, I agree that it makes sense to talk
                > composing units (MGU, MGCU, SGU) into a complete GW.
                > Regards,
                > John Segers

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