New version of H.GCP

Boaz Michaely Boaz_Michaely at VOCALTEC.COM
Thu Jun 17 05:01:24 EDT 1999

Dear Bryan,
1. I am unable to view any of the graphics. They all appear as a big red X
2. As there was no objection from anyone, would you care to integrate the
definitions I have proposed ? Again, she spirit of the change is that this
standard is about composing H.323 gateways out of H.GCP MGCs and MGs,
rather than the other way around. This, along with clear minimal
requirements for the MGC and the MG is absolutely necessary in order to
assure interoperability.
Due to some urgent assignments, I was unable to deliver the text I started
to work on, I hope have it next week.

Best Regards,

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Senior Program Manager, Advanced Technologies
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