WP2 reports of the Santiago meeting have been updated

Sakae OKUBO okubo at GITI.OR.JP
Thu Jun 10 05:00:01 EDT 1999

In order to continue the cooperation between SG16 and the IETF, there will
be another Megaco/H.gcp conference call so that we have rough consensus on
what Brian Rosen will put into megaco-protocol-02 (Internet-Draft cutoff
date for IETF Oslo meeting is June 25/99).
In Megaco we have agreed to produce a completed audio-only version of the
megaco protocol for June 25th, but that this version would take into
consideration the proposals for multimedia in SG16's H.gcpSantiago so that
they can easily be added in a future version. We need to have an
"implementable" version of the Megaco protocol by the July Oslo meeting, or
we will have missed the boat.
It is expected that the megaco-protocol-02 would be an implementable audio
version of the Megaco/H.gcp protocol, and that SG16 would be able to add to
the protocol syntax, in a backwards compatible way, all that is necessary
for multimedia.
Proposed discussion topics:
1)      Termination naming - hierarchical or logical, or a combination with
TerminationId + Bearer?
2)      handling multplexing terminations - as in H.gcp? or as a new context
3)      allowing one BearerDescriptor, and multiple MediaDescriptors per
termination - acceptable?
4)      decision on transport
5)      proposal for tagging the MediaDescriptor with its encoding: SDP or
6)      proposal for text vs binary encoding of the protocol
7)      multimedia vs monomedia contexts (related to #3)

Call Details
Date:   Wednesday, June 16th
        Time: 11amET for 2 hours
        Phone: 613-763-6338
        PassCode: 131313#

Problems getting on the bridge? call 613-765-CONF, and ask for the
conference chaired by Nancy Greene.
As before, minutes of the meeting will be posted ASAP after the call.

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