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> recomposition, not decomposition..
> Dear Brian,
> I am documenting a piece on the "minimal interoperability" issue, which I
> will forward to you next week. (if there is interest I can post it to the
> list)
> The basic idea is that while the motivation for H.GCP was gateway
> decomposition, the actual standard deals with composing rather than
> decomposing.
> Thus I propose to introduce some terms, such as "composite gateway", while
> adhering to H.323 current definitions, and work on the call setup
> procedures, closely following the actual H.323 text. This will lead to the
> resolution of transfering call signalling between the MGC and the MG in
> the
> various compositions. One thought that crossed my mind was to explicitly
> deal with all the gateway categories that H.323 defines ( H.310 (H.320 on
> B-ISDN), H.320 (ISDN), H.321 (ATM), H.322 (GQOS-LAN), H.324 (GSTN), H.324M
> (Mobile), and V.70 (DSVD)).
> We may also need to modify H.323v3,  at least to some extent, in order to
> better cover gateway sub-components.
> A sample of the text is attached (Word 97)
> (Embedded image moved to file: pic10782.pcx)
> Boaz.
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